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About Us

Millie and Rose designs is founded on a healthy and ethical approach to home interiors, nature and people. We create and source unique and stylish designs, working closely with a handful of highly skilled artisans.

Our lampshades are carefully handmade to order in our Scottish Speyside Workshop

Our Artisans include passionate local craftspeople and inspiring self-help groups of women, who use traditional techniques to create beautifully crafted, individual and sustainable pieces. We are inspired and energised when we connect with like-minded people and strive to bring this shared ethos to everything we do at Millie and Rose Designs.

We don’t follow ‘trends’ ….we are a lifestyle


our inspiration

Millie and Rose Designs is based in Speyside; the beating heart of our inspiration. This magical place is nestled between the magnificent Cairngorms to the south and the stunning, wild Moray firth coastline to the north. Speyside is arguably the driest and warmest part of Scotland and famous for its world class salmon and sea trout fishing and home to the finest quality whisky distilleries. Our daily walks through this awe inspiring landscape is a creatives dream. From the sounds of the trickling burns to the colours of the changing leaves of the ancient forests, the spirit of the land demands the attention and soothes the soul. 

We hope to capture the spirit of this unspoilt land in every design we create at Millie and Rose Designs and are happy to share this magic with you.  


Our products are inspired by nature. Ethically sourced and handmade with integrity and care.

British designs

made in england

upcycled furniture

Our advantages

The things that make us special


Our products are skilfully handcrafted by Artisans who ensure that each individual piece is made with the utmost care and attention to detail.


We believe the Artisans who create our products deserve a fair price for their work. In some cases, their work is a way of life which preserves traditional craftsmanship and working practises.


We do not compromise on quality. Unlike the mass-produced items made in overseas factories, our hand-crafted products carry the personal reputations of their creators! Our business is built upon its good name and customer satisfaction is our priority. ​

Nature and the Environment

We are inspired by the natural world around us and care passionately about how our business impacts the environment. This is why we strive to support local suppliers and consider the provenance and sustainability of our products to be just as important as their aesthetic and practical qualities. ​

Thank you for supporting our small business