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Alpaca hat and wrist warmers


Alpaca hat and wrist warmers handknitted with Kent alpaca wool.

Keep those kids warm this winter with one of our handmade hats and matching wrist warmers.

The Alpaca is one of the greenest animals on the planet, read more about the Alpaca in the description below.

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Alpaca hat and wrist warmers handknitted with Kent alpaca wool

Keep those kids warm this winter with one of our handmade hats and wrist warmers. These have been carefully handknitted using a sustainably sourced pure alpaca wool from Kent. The wrist warmers are perfect for keeping the chill at bay. The traditional knitted hat has a colourful woollen bobble for a little extra style.

Why is Alpaca wool so good!?

Because Alpaca is warmer, stronger, lighter and softer than other quality contenders for high-end luxury materials such as cashmere and merino wool. Alpaca is famous for its luxurious fleece and its versatility: it won’t shrink or pill if given correct care, it is hyper allergenic and has water resistant properties. Alpaca absorbs little humidity from the surrounding environment and it thermally insulating, making it perfect for winter wear, as well as for accessories for outdoor sports such as hiking and skiing.
Perhaps the most impressive characteristic of alpaca is the fact it boasts the biggest range of natural colors out of all the natural fibers. What’s more is that with the correct care, it can last for years as it is virtually indestructible: just take a look at some of the ancient Peruvian textiles which have kept their color, shape and form even after 2000 years!

Alpacas could be the greenest animals on the planet. Down to the fact their hooves are softly padded which reduces environmental impact, Alpacas also produce more fleece than sheep and they have more effective eating and drinking habits than other grazing animals, which also reduces impact. They are finely suited to the harsh conditions of the Peruvian Andes, and the fact that the animals are not harmed during the shearing process means that they are highly sustainable. Furthermore, the process of alpaca farming does not require harsh chemicals – this means that alpaca farming is completely safe and natural for the environment.


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