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Draught Excluders ~ Trois Seour fabric

Keep the warmth in and the cold out this winter with one of our bespoke handmade linen draught excluders.

Standard size is approximately 90cm width.

We can also make draught excluders in alternative fabrics so please do get in touch if you’d like one made to order.


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Draught Excluders – Trois Seour Fabric

Whether you live in a modern house or an aged old cottage our practical yet stylish handmade draught excluders will help keep you toasty and warm in the colder months.

Available online in a standard size approximately 90cm long x 20cm high, fully stitched with a small fabric hook for storing away. Hook fabric will vary as we use a variety of remnant ribbons.

If you would like one of our made to measure draught excluders please contact us with your desired measurements and we will be happy to help.


The Pros of Linen

Linen is one of the most biodegradable and stylish fabrics in fashion history. It is strong, naturally moth resistant, and made from flax plant fibres, so when untreated (i.e. not dyed) it is fully biodegradable. It’s natural colours include ivory, ecru, tan and grey.

Linen can withstand high temperatures. It absorbs moisture without holding bacteria. In fact, it is actually stronger when wet than dry and becomes softer and more pliable the more it is washed. It just gets better and better!

Did you know Linen is from the flax plant which is far more sustainable than cotton. We also get linseed oil from the flax plant and they use far less water to grow than cotton plants. Another reason we love Linen!

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1 review for Draught Excluders ~ Trois Seour fabric

  1. Jana (verified owner)

    We love our new draught excluder.Very nice fabric and it comes with a handy hook on it for when it’s no needed and can be hang in your storage cabinet etc.Speedy delivery.Comes beautifully packed.Excellent communication from the seller.Thank you Ellie 😉

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