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Festive Fabric Gift Bags – Christmas eve bags

Our Reuseable Festive Fabric Gift Bags have been carefully handmade in our little grotto in Scotlands Speyside. Hidden by the Edinvillie forest we are inspired by the magical creatures of the land around us and are convinced there are gnomes and elves that hide in the trees up here, so we couldn’t resist including these cheeky little elves on our fabric gift bags.

Why use paper when you can have a cute and reuseable fabric bag?

approx 35cm x 32cm. The perfect Christmas eve gift bag. 


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Reuseable Festive Fabric Gift Bags

This magical fabric gift bag has been created using a scandi inspired red and white elf print fabric. It has a small red pull so the gift can be securely held in the bag.

Measuring approx 35cm x 32cm. This is the ideal reuseable bag for a Christmas eve gift.

Christmas can be magical whilst still being environmentally friendly.

JUST AN IDEA for your Festive Fabric Gift Bags

The build up to Christmas can be such an exciting time of year and we believe that stretching out the magic and celebration is the best part of it. We have traditionally given our children a wee Christmas eve gift bag so they can get a little something extra to enjoy before the big day of celebrations and feasts.

We usually include a new pair of christmasy pyjamas, a bar of chocolate or a hot chocolate stick for their bedtime cup of hot cocoa, and perhaps a dvd or gift voucher for a movie and if they’re reeeeeeeeeally lucky a cute and cuddly toy. Give it a go if you don’t already and watch your little ones faces light up when they realise Christmas has come early. 



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