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Gift Set – Eco-friendly Blanket & Candle holder

Gift Set – Eco-friendly Rug & Candle holder

An ethical and thoughtful gift.

Encourage a loved one to snuggle up, light a candle and relax for a moment.

Made from 100% recycled materials, this gorgeous tweed blanket is approximately 120cm x 150cm with whispy edges and the stave candle holder has been carefully handcarved from old Speyside whisky casks.

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The Perfect Gift Set – Eco-friendly Rug & Candle holder

Economical & Ethical. What’s included:


These gorgeous random colour blankets are made from 100% recycled wool. Every recycled wool blanket is woven with a unique colour combination making each one slightly different, however the Autumnal tones of Whisky and Barley are prominent. Measures approx. 120cm x 150cm with whispy edges

Care instructions (as per label)

Wash: Machine wash cold. Do not spin. Use mild detergent recommended for wool. Wash separately to avoid snagging.

Dry: Remove from machine promptly. Reshape whilst damp and hang on the line or dry flat to maintain good shape. Do not tumble dry.

Maintain: Remove shedding fibres carefully with a lint roller. Pilling (bobbling) may form in areas of friction and can be gently removed with a pilling comb. Loose fibres and pilling will reduce after first wash.


This original oak whisky heart stave candle holder has been carefully created by our skilled Speyside Artisan, Gareth.

Sanded back to highlight the beautiful oak grain and to reveal and protect the charred surface of the stave, which is at the heart of the whisky aging process. Finished with a teak oil so you can fully appreciate the natural pattern of the wood.

The perfect gift for a whisky loving friend or just for someone who appreciates quality craftsmanship and design.

The circular tealight holder has been inset with a beautiful tweed or velvet fabric. It’s all in the detail.

Size approximately 10cm x 10cm.

A beautiful and thoughtful Gift Set – Eco-friendly Rug & Candle holder. We all know this is going to be a tough winter for a lot of people, so this makes our rug and candle gift set the perfect and affordable gift to send to a loved one to keep them warm and relaxed.

Please do get in touch if you need any more help with your order and we will be happy to help

Additional information

Weight .7 kg
Dimensions 200 × 140 cm

Heather & Pine, Spey River, Whisky Rug


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