Gotland Rare Breed Sheep Rug – RG008


Our favourite: this incredibly soft traditional Gotland silvery grey curl sheep skin is very special. It’s not often you see a natural sheepskin quite like this.

At approximately 1metre long and 87cm wide, it displays the traditional curls and grey silvery detail beautifully. Ideal for draping over furniture or used as a throw on a bed.

No dying involved. From our friend’s sustainable rural farm on the Swedish Island, where it has been respectfully cared for and as organically processed as possible and providing a way of life to our farmer friends.

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We are delighted to present something truly special – authentic, pure bred Gotland sheep skins.

The Gotland breed was originally established by the Vikings, who valued the super-soft curls of their dense and lustrous fleece. We think those Vikings were onto something! 

For our modern-day Swedish friends who farm their Gotland sheep, it is a naturally sustainable way of life.  The fleeces they produce are hand-processed in small batches using traditional methods; the end-result is testament to the pristine natural beauty of the landscape from which they originate.

Given their nature, it goes without saying that each fleece is a unique product; their colours diverge in shades of silver-grey and sizes vary from a ‘standard’ of approximately 110cm x 90cm.  Please contact us if you have any questions or specific requests.

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