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At Mini Millies ~ Heirloom Boy Bunnies

The perfect heirloom gift for those VIPs our lives. Our boy bunnies have been carefully handmade with love and imagination.
Measuring approximately 38cm head to toe.

Come and read all about their hobbies and characters. 

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Our bespoke handcrafted boy bunnies heirloom childrens toys are individually created at the hands of Lynette, our skilled artisan. 

Having worked for years as a top seamstress for Harrods and Bieber Lynette’s attention to detail and quality stitching is second to none.

Each bunny has a unique character and style so no two are the same, except for the twins and triplets. 

These are the perfect heirloom gifts for those VIPs in our lives.

Measuring approximately 38cm head to toe

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Additional information

Bunnies - Boys

Alex, Harry, Max, Monty, Oliver, Oscar, Reggie, Toby, Winston


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