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At Mini Millies ~ Handmade Heirloom Doll

Unique Handmade Heirloom Doll.

Let your little ones imaginations run wild with one of our beautifully handmade heirloom dolls. Environmentally friendly, handmade using recycled fabrics and fillers. No 2 are the same – read their magical little stories and let the adventures begin!

Gift wrapped in a box. Measuring approximately 43cm head to toe.

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We are so proud to introduce our latest collection in our Mini Millie’s range of soft toys. Our beautiful handmade heirloom doll is unique in style and character.

They have been carefully designed and created using a selection of stylish, quality remnant fabrics, recycled buttons, wool and fillers.

Our Artisan Lynette has had years of experience working with intricate detailing and creative designs having worked previously for Harrods and Bieber.

Full of character and charm Lynette has breathed life into each and every one of these gorgeous dolls and they are sure to bring hours, weeks, months and years of happiness to your precious little minis.

 Each Handmade heirloom doll measures approximately 40cm, they’re the perfect cuddle size. 

Extra clothes and accessories can also be purchase through our online shop.

Click here to see where you can recycled your unwanted textiles

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Ava is a polite and sophisitcated doll. She starts every single day with a stretch and a big smile. She believes that a job worth doing is a job worth doing well and is a real perfectionist, taking pride in everything she gets involved in. Although Ava is incredibly kind and considerate, she likes her own space and is quite happy playing on her own. Her favourite singer is Melody Gardot and can often be found humming her tunes.
What Ava says:
“I’m Ava. I love dressing up and drawing. My favourite colour is red. I would love to find someone to snuggle with.”

Britt is the most lighthearted and happiest of our dolls it seems. Sister to Ava, she’s a little sillier than Ava too! She should really be called Giggles as that is all she really seems to do. The scandinavian artist, she skips more often than walks. She makes up words ALL the time like ‘beakish’, ‘warglob’ and ‘mmm how very schnobbly of you!’ (that’s her way of saying you have impressed her!).
What Britt says:
“I’m Britt. I simply love to paint and play outside. My favourite colour is green. I think we could be best friends.”

Alba is an absolute joy to be around. She has an infectious laugh and wicked sense of humour with a twinkle in her sparkly green eye. She’s reasonable and thoughtful. She loves the beach and surfing. Nature is her friend. She’s vegan and on a mission to live 100% plastic free! She once found a turtle who had grown into the handle of a plastic bag, she managed to free him, then affectionately named him Baggie. Nearly every time she surfs at that beach Baggie pops up to say ‘Hey’ to her.
What Alba says: “I like playing house and having tea parties. I would like to be your friend. Xx”

Caroline is strong and sweet natured. She loves spending time in her cosy home and English country garden. You can often hear her humming a happy little tune whilst in her rustic potting shed surrounded by small cuttings of unusual plants. Once Caroline grew the most beautiful and largest Dahlias England had ever seen! But right before she was due to exhibit them at a national show, one of the goats from her neighbours farm helped himself to the lot! Fortunately, Caroline doesn’t let matters like this bother her and she was more than happy to plant some more for next years’ show. She renamed the neighbours goat ’Dahlia’ and they actually became really good friends.



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Meet our Dolls:

Alba, Ava, Britt, Caroline, Arabella, Brie, Jasmin, Kala, Sophie

3 reviews for At Mini Millies ~ Handmade Heirloom Doll

  1. marion (verified owner)

    Heirloom doll Fifi arrived for my granddaughter for her Christmas gift.
    she will love her, beautifully made, Beautifully packaged, so very pleased
    Thank you x

  2. Mary Budgeon

    WOW the most gorgeous gift I have ever given, the thought that my daughter will have years of fun with her new doll then pass it on to her children is so special. Excellent quality stitching

  3. Shelley (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these dolls! Beautifully made and so individual. An heirloom to love forever. I now have three girls – Alisha, Harriet and Freya ❤️❤️❤️ Thankyou Millie and rose for selling such beautiful things

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