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Handwoven Sisal – Purple Stripe basket


The purple stripe basket is multi-functional. It has been beautifully handwoven and crafted by an inspiring self-help group of talented women artisans from Kenyan using traditional techniques. Made to last, tightly woven and each holds a story.

This particular one has been beautifully finished with a single strong purple stripe

Approximately 20cm height and 20cm diameter

Original price was: £28.00.Current price is: £20.00.

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Our purple stripe basket has been made with pure, local sustainably-sourced and 100% sisal fibre.

Each basket has been beautifully crafted with layers of stories woven through them. 

We are so proud to support The Kenyan Craft Company who work closely with this self-help group of talented women artisans in Kenya.  A group of talented and inspiring women. 

This purple stripe basket measures approximately 20cm height and 20cm diameter

Watch this inspiring video to see how these women work and what your support means to them

Sisal comes from the leaves of the Agave plant (the sap is truly drinkable!). It’s an indigenous plant that comes from the Americas but the plant was transported to another geographic region in 1893 and nowadays, nearly half the sisal produced worldwide originates from East Africa (mainly from Kenya and Tanzania).

The sisal grown in Africa is slightly different from the American sisal because of the perfect conditions, where it is a hot and dry climate. The African sisal fibers are longer, they’re also finer than the American fibers, and they’re whiter, so it is considered the most effective sisal within the world. This is often essential because the whiteness means the African sisal can be dyed to different colors. Not only is the African sisal easy to dye, it’s also a smoother yarn, different in texture from its American cousin. Sisal is additionally now grown in China but their sisal is shorter and hairier, with a much bigger variation in shade.

To grow to the optimum, Sisal needs that hot, dry climate we mentioned (which is why it’s favored in Africa and China). The fabric that it produces has plenty of elasticity, so it’s easy to weave with.


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