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Diamond Blue Lamp Recycled Glass


This unusually decorative blue lamp has been carefully made using 100% recycled glass. 

Eco-friendly design and contemporary finish make this an eye catching side lamp.

Have a look at our range of handmade lampshades that we think could work beautifully with this lamp, or perhaps you have your own fabric you’d like to send us so we can make a bespoke lampshade just for you? Contact us  for more info.

Approximately 25cm tall x 18cm wide.



Original price was: £110.00.Current price is: £80.00.

In stock



We have chosen a blue flex to complement the blue lamp and complete the contemporary style.

Our lamp bases are wired, assembled and testing in the UK.

The flex is 2metres long (from fitting to plug) and can be adjusted by gently pulling or pushing back into the glass lamp.

The chrome plate on the blue lamp is fitted and cannot be removed.

We would recommend either a 30cm or 35cm base width lampshade. Drum, empire or coolie would look lovely on this gorgeous lamp.  Check out our handmade lampshades for a complete and unique look.

Fitting: BC, ES, SES, SBC

Wattage: Max 60w (we recommend an energy efficient LED bulb)

This sustainable process is simple. Binned glass is taken to a treatment plant where it is carefully sorted into colour batches, it is then washed, and any contamination removed. Once clean the glass is then crushed before it is melted in a high temperature furnace.

This molten glass is then reshaped and moulded by skilled artisans into one of our lovely lamps. We decide on the final touches and believe these work beautifully with our selection of handmade lampshades. Each piece is unique and due to the nature of the process, stress bubbles and marks may occur, only adding to its individual character and charm.


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