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Recycled Glass Lamp Large (clear blue)

We think this elegant recycled glass lamp base is divine. It has a natural light blue glass tone to it. The handmade process gives the glass a beautiful imperfect, textured finish. Have a look at our range of handmade lampshades that we think all match beautifully with this lamp, or perhaps you have your own fabric?

Measures approximately 39cm x 32cm

We recommend a 40cm or 45cm lampshade for this lamp. 


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This gorgeous recycled glass lamp has a contemporary and eco friendly design.

The reflective quality of the recycled glass creates a subtle statement piece which will complement any home interior scheme.

As it is a recycled glass lamp it therefore has a  perfectly imperfect quality. 

It measures approximately 39cm tall (32cm to the top of the cork bung) and 32cm wide.

The natural linen flex is 2m. It can be pulled out to a desired length.

We are confident about the quality of each piece because all our lamps are assembled and tested in the UK.

The recommended lampshades size is 40cm or 45cm with a made to measure depth of 24cm or 25cm.

Have a look at our unique handmade lampshade collection, which will complement this lamp beautifully.

This lamp is sold without the lamp shade and electric bulb.

Lamp fitting: BC, ES, SES, SBC. It has a standard fitting for a B22 Bayonet Cap bulb upto 60W.

Learn more about recycled glass. #recycledglasslamp

Facts about glass recycling

1)    Glass can be recycled endlessly without losing its quality or purity – making it a fantastic alternative to single use plastic.

2)    Recycling glass benefits businesses as well as the environment as it reduces their carbon footprint and saves money by lowering emissions, the consumption of raw materials and the use of facilities.

3)    Not all glass can be recycled together, for example, containers made from glass need to be recycled separately to window or ovenware glass.

4)    You need to separate glass by colour so recycling companies can ensure that any new bottles match required colour standards.

5)    For every tonne of glass that is recycled, over a tonne of natural resources are saved.

6)    Glass doesn’t decompose so while it’s amazing for recycling, it puts a huge strain on our landfills.

7)    Recycling glass is an incredibly quick process. A glass container can go from your recycling bin to a shelf in a supermarket in as little as 30 days.

8)    The average UK household uses 500 glass bottles and jars in just a year but the UK currently recycles only around 50%.

9)    The glass recycling level in the UK saves enough energy to send 10 rockets into space.

10)    The UK has around 3000 glass bottle banks, each of which is able to hold around 3000 bottles before it needs to be emptied.



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