Animal print lampshade - Bumblebee Lampshade

Big Up the BEES… with this gorgeous bumblebee lampshade. Receive a FREE beebomb of meadow flowers to throw into your garden with every bumblebee lampshade order.

Please do get in touch if you would like us to make a lampshade to a specific size not available via our online shop and we will be happy to help.

We do recommend the white lining for this particular shade. and it allows plenty of light through the fabric and complements the fabric perfectly.


  Big up the BEES with this gorgeous bumblebee lampshade available in 3 different sizes; 40cm, 35cm and 30cm drums.

 Please get in touch for our ‘made to measure’ service.

Each of our beautiful lampshades are handmade to order. We do our very best to have each one carefully made, packaged and sent to you within 2 weeks of your order.

Our recommendation;

30cm (height 19cm) for a smaller coffee table lamp or standard bedside lamp

35cm (height 19cm) perfect for a coffee table lamp or standard bedside lamp

40cm (height 19cm) ideal for a larger side table lamp, floor light or ceiling shade

Get in touch should you be needing matching cushions or antique storage crates for the complete collection!


 We offer a choice of fire-retardant linings; Classy Brushed Gold, Champagne gives a warming glow, Silver a contemporary cool finish and the standard White lining which allows more light through the shade so you can see the texture and fibre of the fabric.

We recommend the white lining for the bumblebee lampshade

Please note, the champagne and silver linings give a reflective quality through some linens, please do get in touch should you need clarification before making your order.


With its black and gold stripes, translucent wings and signature furry body, the bee is a common sight in woods and gardens around the world. But do you know how important this creature is to our planet, and the threats it is facing?

Often seen buzzing from flower to flower, it’s as difficult to imagine a life without bees as it is to envisage one without trees. These hard-working winged invertebrates have been around for millions of years, pollinating our plants and producing the sweet golden syrup we call honey.

A world without bees is sadly becoming more of a possibility, as these important insects are in severe decline. If bees were to become extinct the planet could be in serious trouble, because these creatures are such an integral part of most ecosystems.

Dimensions N/A
Size (w x h)

30cm x 20cm, 35cm x 20cm, 40cm x 24cm


Brushed Gold, Champagne, Silver, White

Lampshade Style

Ceiling Light, Standing lamp

1 review for Animal print lampshade – Bumblebee Lampshade

  1. Lesley Harris

    My daughter Lisa arranged for this lampshade and glass base for me.
    It’s absolutely stunning. The glass has that glow of green reminding me of childhood days when we found a car buoy on the beach 60 yrs ago! The shade is perfect it’s very large, very sturdy and beautifully made. I’d give it 19 stars if I could.

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