Lulu Moss Double lined Lampshade

Our gorgeous, nature inspired lampshades are all handmade in the UK, in our rural Scottish Highlands workshop.

This pear green toned, Lulu Moss double lined lampshade fabric introduces a calming warmth into your home decor whilst the natural white linen on the outside of the lampshade keeps it light and neutral to complement any space. 

Please do get in touch if you need a made to measure lampshade.



 Lulu Moss Double lined Lampshade STANDARD SIZES

Each of our double lined lampshades are carefully handmade in the UK

 The cool nature inspired pattern on teh inside of our bespoke white linen lampshade is available in 5 different sizes; 40cm, 35cm, 30cm, 25cm and 20cm drums.

 Please get in touch for our ‘made to measure’ service.

Our Lulu Moss Double lined Lampshade is handmade in the UK and carefully packaged and sent to you within 2 weeks of your order.

Our recommendation;

20cm (height 16cm) for a small bedside table lamp

25cm (height 18cm) for a taller bedside table lamp

30cm (height 20cm) for a smaller coffee table lamp or standard bedside lamp

35cm (height 20cm) perfect for a coffee table lamp or standard bedside lamp

40cm (height 24cm) ideal for a larger side table lamp, floor light or ceiling shade

Get in touch should you need a more made to measure lampshade and we will be happy to help


Did you know, Moss was the very first plant on earth? At the beginning, there was – moss. About  450 million years ago, first algae adapted to life on earth and mosses evolved. Find out more interesting facts about moss here:

Dimensions N/A
Size (w x h)

20cm x 16cm, 25cm x 18cm, 30cm x 20cm, 35cm x 20cm, 40cm x 24cm


Champagne, Silver, White


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