At Mini Millies ~ Handmade Bunny Toy Heirloom

The perfect girl handmade bunny toy / heirloom gift for those VIPs in our lives. Each one handmade with love and imagination by our artisan Lynette. Made from beautiful, recycled fabrics and fillers.

Measuring approximately 38cm head to toe.

Beautifully gift wrapped in it’s box. Simply personalise the gift card and we can send her directly to her new home. 

Come and read all about their hobbies and characters. 

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MINI MILLIES – Handmade Bunny Toy

Our bespoke handmade bunny toy heirlooms are individually created at the hands of our skilled artisan, Lynette.

Having worked for years as a top seamstress for Harrods and Bieber Lynette’s attention to detail and quality stitching is second to none.

Each bunny has a unique character and style so no two are the same, except for the twins and triplets. 

These make the perfect heirloom gifts for those VIPs in our lives.

Handmade in the UK using upcycled textiles

Eco-friendly heirloom toys to treasure

Measuring approximately 38cm head to toe

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It’s so important to re-use textiles rather than send them to landfill

Have a little read here

Our bunnies are unique and each have a wonderfully magic character

Elsie: Elsie is a sweet and gentle bunny, sister to Freya. Elsie is rather a rare bunny and is in the habit of climbing trees! Very unusual behaviour but fascinating to watch if you are lucky enough to catch her at it. She is one of the most adventurous and independent bunnies in our warren. She makes up poems about her expeditions and can often be heard singing them out from the top of the walnut tree near the warren.
What Elsie says:
‘I like reading adventure stories. My favourite colour is light pink. I am so excited to be your friend. x’

Freya: is a true home-bunny. She loves warm chunky knit jumpers and cosy fireside stories. Kind and inquisitive, Freya is the sister to Elsie Bunny. She can get rather emotional and can often find her self ‘laugh-crying’ it’s a little confusing to others as she appears outrageously happy whilst also tearfully sad…curious behaviour! If you ask her it is generally because she is so full of delight and happiness she becomes overwhelmed with joy and that’s when the tears flow!! Anyway, just be mindful when you tell her something cute or funny she might cry! ha.
What Freya says:
“I’m Freya, I love horse riding and reading. My favourite colour is turquoise. Im looking forward to being your friend.”

Maisie: Watch out…Maisie is about. She is fun fun fun, full of energy and bright ideas. Anything you want to do she’ll be by your side. Never says ‘no’….which can sometimes get her into trouble. Her motto ‘life’s too short’, so she hops into any scenario with enthusiasm and …. not much else. Happy go lucky Maisie.

Lizzy Lop is fantastically fun. She can spin around SO fast that her ears turn into helicopter propellers and she can slightly lift off the ground. Once she showed this crazy party trick to Bodge the Badger from over the field, but her ears got in such a muddle they were in a knotted ball for the next 2 hours and she couldn’t hear a thing! Apart from being dizzy lizzy for the duration all she seemed to say was “I beg your pardon?”.

What Lizzy Lop says: “I like skipping and running about. Will you be my friend? Xx”

Lola Lop is the slightly calmer sister to Lizzy (who’s always dizzy…. apparently!!) Lola Lop can hop and run so fast that you might mistake her for a whisp of wind. She often hops over to Penshurst place. Once she’s in the grounds she makes an intricate daisy chain crown, puts it on her head and then hops elegantly around the gardens pretending she lives there! If you ever visit the gardens at Penshurst place just keep an eye out in the Orchard in Spring as this is her favourite of all the gardens!

What Lola Lop says: “I like playing in the garden and reading. I can’t wait to play with you. Xx”


Bunnies - Girls

Elsie, Freya, Lizzy Lop, Lola Lop, Maisie, Eliza, Ellie, Melissa, Scarlett


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