Rare Breed Gotland Sheep Rug


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We are please to be able to offer something truly unique; rare treasures from faraway lands!

We are fortunate to have friends from a farm on Gotland Island, Sweden who share their pristine natural beauty of their unspoilt landscape with a small flock of native rare breed sheep.

The results of this self-sustainable way of life for our shepherd friends are exceptional sheep skins like none we have seen before.

Beautiful tight grey curls super soft to the touch, these rugs have been used traditionally as bedding and play mats for babies as the natural lanolin is thought to assist breathing and has medicinal value.

The sheep have minimal human interaction and are left to fend for the majority of the year in their natural habitat.

Rugs may vary slightly in colour and shape, if you have a specific request please do get in touch.

Approximately 110cm x 90cm

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Dimensions 50 x 28 x 20 cm


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