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Gotland Sheepskin Rare Quality


This rare authentic Gotland sheepskin is of the highest quality, excellent size and exceptionally soft metalic grey curls.

Considered the ‘Rolls Royce’ of sheepskins the quality is reflected in every single super soft grey curl.

Direct from our friend’s small scale sustainable rural farm on the idyllic Swedish Island of Gotland. These native viking sheep have been respectfully cared for and as organically processed as possible and providing a way of life to our farmer friends. 

This is all about the quality! 

Approximate size 100cm x 90cm

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Rare Gotland Sheepskin Rug

We are delighted to present something truly special with our authentic, pure bred Gotland sheepskin rugs.

The Gotland breed was originally established by the Vikings, who valued the super-soft curls of their dense and lustrous fleece. We think those Vikings were onto something! 

It is a naturally sustainable way of life for our modern-day Swedish friends who farm their native Gotland sheep on Gotland Island.

The fleeces they produce are hand-processed in small batches using traditional methods; the end-result is testament to the pristine natural beauty of the landscape from which they originate.

Given their nature, it goes without saying that each fleece is a unique product; their colours diverge in shades of silver-grey and sizes vary from a ‘standard’ of approximately 100cm x 90cm. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or specific requests.

Care instructions:

Amazingly with every stroke you give this impressive fur, the natural lanolin is reconditioning it’s curls. Hold up and give a good shake and the curls should instantly pop back up. However, you can use the nozzle part of your hoover to gently clean.

Traditionally the Swedish would wait until it snows before turning their furs face down in the snow and leaving for 1 hour, before returning and shaking off any excess snow. A gentle 30degree wash is advised if necessary.


Additional information

Weight 1.195 kg
Dimensions 100 × 50 cm


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