A Petit Wooden Bead Chandelier

The gorgeous Petit Wooden Bead Chandelier really is a one off design, created with approximately 1,140 wooden beads. Each bead has been carefully aged using our secret ingredients. (although if you follow us on instragram I am sure you have already seen!)

By ordering this chandelier you are commissioning us to make something bespoke for you so each may vary ever so slightly.

Please do get in touch for any bespoke orders as we are able to create something different just for you.

Measures 33cm height and 45cm at the widest point.


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A Petit Wooden Bead Chandelier

This is a unique Millie and Rose Designs Chandelier. Each of our wooden bead chandelier lampshades will be made to order. If you have any special specification, whether it is a request for different colour beads or a slightly different shape, you can get in touch  with us and we will be happy to come up with a design to suit your interior design scheme.

We do our very best to have each one carefully made, packaged and sent to you within 2 weeks of your order, however the wooden bead chandeliers may take longer depending on the size and shape.

All our lampshades are handmade here in our Scottish workshop up on the hilltop overlooking the Jewel of Speyside. We are inspired by the beautiful landscape around us and keen to use natural materials wherever possible on our creations. This wooden bead lampshade has been very carefully created, unlike most bead lampshades which are made overseas, this has a very carbon friendly/ neutral footprint and has been made right here in the UK.

Wood is a sustainable and long lasting material, it looks great and it feels good to use something you know hasn’t had a negative impact on our planet. It’s a renewable material, it can be recycled and reused, it’s biodegradeable and absorbs carbon dioxide. You can read more about the amazing qualities and benefits of using wood in your home interior styling projects in this brilliant article at House Beautiful


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